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Subject: Shinji Ikari
Table: C
Prompt: 03, 23, 10, and 11.
Summary: Unrelated micro-drabbles YEAH!

YEAH!!! )


Sep. 18th, 2012 05:53 pm
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tables under the cut! )

Tables will be added slowly but surely as the community works through them; feel free to suggest prompt tables over at the SUGGESTIONS post.

If you'd like to state a claim, please copy and paste this:

You can comment to your claim afterward with your completed list to receive a nifty little button for your profile(s) from Ichi!

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS POST AS A DISCUSSION POST. It will get quickly cluttered if you do.
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Have any suggestions/comments/complaints?

Post 'em here. Anon is ON and IP logging is OFF. All comments screened unless given permission to be otherwise. Posted with the mod account so that any member of the mod team may handle your concerns!
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Need a tag for something? Drop me a line here and I'll make it for you! For author tags, please give me your preferred name/handle to use, e.g. AUTHOR: ICHI.

If a double-up occurs and someone else is already using that name, I'll ask you for a second choice, or just something to differentiate from the first one - AUTHOR: ICHI (MINATSUKI), for example. Anything you want! ICHI 2.0 and ICHI 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO are fine too.
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All submissions must be MADE BY YOU. Seriously guise.

Art Submission
This is anything drawn/illustrated/sculpted(?) by you.

Fic/Drabble Submission
Anything written by you.

Fan Video Submission
Anything made as a video by you (please upload to youtube).

Thread Submission
Any log/thread done between the players.


Sep. 18th, 2012 04:47 pm
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Welcome to the Prompts Community!

First and foremost, thank you for joining!
This FAQ is copied and pasted from the old one, so do forgive any out of date information that may have been missed.
You're probably here because you don't know what to do or you need a question answered, so here we go:

What's the point?
Simply, this is a way for you to expand on your characterization in an... organized and public way!  You pick a prompt table, pick/submit a subject and get started-- and that's it. The goal is for you to complete the table with any sort of media: fanfic, drabble, art, fanvideo, anything you can think of! After that, you submit it here, to this community for other players to read/watch so they, too, can grow with you and maybe better understand your character. :) 
Is this a challenge?
Not in the sense that it's timed. You can complete tables at your leisure and I will post new tables infrequently. I will, however, make you a shiny little button to put in your personal profile, or your characters profile if you complete a table.
How do I join in?
As said above, all you have to do is join the community, declare your intentions and get started. Check out the Prompts Post to get an idea of what our prompts are and see if there is one you'd like to start on. There is no punishment if you end up not completing a table, this is entirely for fun and for the community to enjoy as a whole, so enjoy yourself!
How loosely can I interpret the prompts?
Everything is up to you-- though it'd probably be advisable to re-evaluate your submission if the prompt is 'strawberries' and it ends up not mentioning or having any relation to strawberries at all. I doubt you'll be called on it, though, so if you stray from the prompt but still want to submit it, that's fine. TL;DR -- Like a well-used hooker.
How many subjects can I have?
As many as you can handle, baby. If you want to do one for someone else's character, however, ASK. For the love of god, askkkkk.
What if the subject is my character? Can I only use one character?
No! You are free to use various characters in a single prompt fill, even if your claim is for one character. Ex: I choose Minatsuki as my subject claim, but for the prompt "Festival", I write about her going to a festival with Issei. If you want to use someone else's character in a single prompt that involves them in some way, it's not always necessary to ask for permission! Use your own judgement here. A few lines of dialogue in a fic is very different to explicit smut, and you'd probably want to ask permission for the latter.
Does it have to be DDD related?
Yes. That being said, it can be something silly and unconventional, it doesn't have to stay 'in canon' with the game. AUs, virus effects, etc. - as long as it's somehow related to the character + DDD, it's a-okay!
Is there a format you'd like me to post with?
What's the deal with the tags?
There are three things to tag your post with: the author (you!), the type of work you have produced (drabble, art, etc.) and the prompt table you've chosen to use. Tags are set up so that only I - or another mod - can make them, just to avoid clutter, but once they exist you're free to tag posts yourself.

I don't have an author tag!
That's not a question, but no problem! Head on over to the tag request page, give me the name you want as your tag and I'll make it for you. Similarly, if there's a style of submission you really want to do and there's no existing tag for it, just ask over there.
What are acceptable submissions?
Fanfic, Drabbles, Fanart, Photomanips, Fanvideos-- we are even going so far as to allow you to use a prompt as inspiration for a thread between the characters involved as your subject should you choose to collaborate with another player to do a table together. All threads must be posted here but CAN count as in character toward the community if you BOTH agree to it.
WTF are 'thread prompts'?
It's an unconventional submission; you post it somewhat like you would at a log community: set up the situation, say the prompt and thread it with the subject's involved characters. This is an alternative for submissions that are for multiple characters or if you choose to collaborate with someone on a prompt table. See the submission format page to see how to set it up.
How do I shot collaboration?
You and another player want to do a subject together? Go ahead! Just make sure you both work it out before you get started (ex: Minatsuki Takami & Azula; Me and Iddy decide to submit together, we can do so in any format we want-- art, drabbles, threads, etc). If you collaborate, you CAN double up on prompts, but if you end up doubling up every prompt, you might as well ask yourself why you're collaborating! 
Can subjects be redone?
Yes, feel free to revisit a subject if it's already been done. Just ask any other players if their characters happen to be involved beforehand.
Does this count in character at DDD?
As said above, what knowledge gained from these drabbles or interactions can transfer as in character knowledge on the community, it just has to be agreed upon by all players involved. Please, please, please don't infomod.
No. 8|
Any other questions? Feel free to ask here!